ATM Health Monitoring

ATHMA is a formidable ATM monitoring engine from MAXIMUS. It provides real-time analysis of ATM health status, cash and consumable levels and based on the business rules defined, generates alerts, warnings and information for proactive management of the ATMs.

ATHMA works on the feeds received from the EFT Switch of the bank. It has been integrated with all major Switches such as Base24, Opus, Euronet, IST, Postilion, Narada and MAXIMUS ASTRA. The MAXIMUS monitoring engine is powerful enough to simultaneously process feeds coming from EFT Switches of different banks. This solution is ideal for banks and ATM Managed Services players who have the responsibility of a large number of ATMs on their network.

The MAXIMUS solution collects all health, cash and consumable status messages from the EFT Switches and stores them in a relational database for further analysis. ATHMA monitors the ATMs and based on the criticality of the events, generates alerts and warnings. Based on certain admin-defined parameters, the monitoring system classifies, parameterizes and prioritizes the information into critical alerts, non-critical alerts, device errors, device warnings and supply status information. These alerts and warnings can be fed into MAXIMUS MANAGECALL, which is an incident management and ticketing system.

On the basis of the threshold values set in the admin module, the monitoring system automatically generates supplies-related warnings and alerts well in advance, thereby alerting the concerned operators, departments and support personnel to take immediate steps or corrective actions.

The admin module of ATHMA provides for grouping of ATMs based on geographical location, criticality, IP range and other parameters. A single or multiple groups of ATMs can be assigned to an operator for monitoring. When an operator logs into the system from his/her monitoring terminal, it automatically displays all the ATMs under his/her care, their status and related alerts. The operator can also view history of each ATM and search/retrieve information using filters.

The operator dashboard with its rich GUI invites attention to critical issues that might need immediate action of the operator or support personnel of the service provider. The operator dashboard also allows the operator to set reminders. Operators are provided with tools and information like knowledge base, ATM configuration data, ATM history, service usage history, ATM category history, checklists and task lists. With these, the operators can perform planned health checkups of the ATMs apart from the automated monitoring alerts generated by the system.

ATHMA application is scalable due to its robust solution architecture. The ATHMA server is designed to manage and communicate with thousands of ATM terminals with minimum processing time. It is the core of the ATHMA engine and is engineered to work in low bandwidth and unstable network scenarios.

Application Features

  • Tracks solicited, unsolicited alerts from the EFT Switch
  • Real-time alerts relating to ATM device health and supplies status with onscreen dashboards, reports, SMS and email alerts
  • Quick resolution of issues for specific ATM transaction inquiries
  • ATM transaction data maintained in a sortable, readable format
  • Update Management, Patch Management including software patches and antivirus updates can be done remotely ATM-wise or ATM group-wise
  • Content management and deployment are made easy
  • Storage or replacement of the content is possible at the specified location on the ATM
  • Scalable solution capable of serving any size of ATM network
  • Reduction in ATM network management costs


  • Effective Monitoring Processes
  • Robust Software Architecture
  • High Level of Security and Tight User Authentication
  • Generation of Timely Alarms, Alerts and Reports
  • Support for Proactive Interventions
  • Minimization of System Downtime
  • Effective and Faster Resolution