Card Management

MAXIMUS CARDE is a complete lifecycle management solution for cards of any kind. Available in centralized as well as decentralized versions, the solution makes it possible for banks and card issuers to deal with the entire lifecycle of their credit and debit cards. The Card Management System can also be used for issuance and management of other types of cards such as loyalty cards, gift cards and reward cards.

The entire card data generation and PIN mailer printing activities are carried out in a PCI-DSS certified environment. MAXIMUS provides card bureau services to banks for issue of personalized cards and pre-printed PIN mailers.

CARDE is normally bundled along with ASTRA, the EFT Switch offering from MAXIMUS, to provide an end-to-end solution.

Application Features

  • Accepts customer data from bank’s CBS
  • Processes application for issue of new cards and renewal of soon-to-expire cards
  • Links card to customer account number
  • Supports issue of add-on cards and multi-account cards
  • Generates card encoding & embossing file for card vendor to personalize cards
  • Generates Card Authorization File (CAF) for EFT Switch
  • Generates PIN and PIN mailers, including reissuance
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular databases – Oracle, MS SQL Server and others
  • Functions in both centralized and de-centralized modes.


  • Provides comprehensive customer record management
  • Simplifies overall lifecycle management of cards
  • Facilitates easy personalization of cards
  • Allows quick introduction of new schemes, such as gift or cash cards
  • Promotes electronic commerce with excellent traceability