Hindustan Petroleum

Outlet Monitoring, Ticketing and Help Desk Support

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL), an oil major, has several thousand retail outlets across India that serves millions of customers with high quality fuel and other related products. HPCL felt the need to set up a state-of-the-art Control Centre to closely monitor events and transactions taking place at the retail outlets.

MAXIMUS has provided HPCL with a customized central monitoring solution that not only tracks the functioning of the outlets, but also communicates with all stakeholders regarding possible violations/exceptions to enable them to take follow-up actions. Critical devices at each outlet are monitored, events & alarms are generated based on violations/exceptions with respect to the threshold limits set, data forwarded to central server and user dashboards and screens updated. Upon resolution of an issue, the status can be changed by the users. The HPCL Control Centre thus gets a 360-degree view of the functioning of all the retail outlets. In addition, their senior management gets reports and dashboards based on their area of responsibility.

The main features of the HPCL system are:

  • Real-time monitoring of device health status at the retail outlets
  • Monitoring of violations/exceptions of various devices and parameters
  • Providing alerts to concerned officers via email/SMS
  • Monitoring of OPT device usage in terms of volume and transaction value
  • Interface with SAP to communicate product despatch details to respective outlets
  • Accounting of product refilling at each outlet – actual despatch vs actual received
  • Monitoring of day-end process at each outlet to generate alarms in case action is not taken for more than 24 hours
  • Event viewer with drill down capability for viewing alarms/events at the level of zone/region/area/site.
    • Alerts/emails on expiry of warranty/AMC to HPCL officers and respective vendors
    • Warning/alerts for low inventory
    • Providing hourly histograms of product density for analysis
  • Unified dashboard view (zone/region/area-wise) of all retail outlets
    • Status reports enabling officers to take necessary actions
    • Daily zone-wise field status report
    • Daily zone/outlet-wise sales and inventory data
    • Report for retail outlets with high sales
    • Report for peak hour and lean hour sales
    • Category-wise reports on transactions done through OPT, tagging mode and others
    • Outlet-wise exception reports for downtime of the dispenser unit and volume dispensed during the downtime
    • Outlet-wise exception reports for density variation
    • Outlet-wise exception report for UPS performance and battery backup
    • Parts replacement/requirement report
    • Exception reports for monitoring improper price change at each outlet
    • Exception reports for monitoring any alteration in the electronic meter reader in a dispenser
    • Summarized report containing previous day sale, receipt and stock