ATM Monitoring Suite for Brown Labelled and White Labelled ATMs

Reserve Bank of India had come out with a scheme in 2012 under which non-banking entities could set up, own and operate ATMs in India on behalf of various public sector banks. This scheme is referred to as the Ministry of Finance Total Outsourcing 2012 (MoF TOS 2012) Project and the ATMs so installed by these entities are called Brown Labelled ATMs (BLAs).

MphasiS, a pioneer in implementing many infrastructure management projects for customers in India and overseas, was awarded the mandate to set up ATMs across six states in India for public sector banks and thereafter provide complete managed services to them. MphasiS is one of the biggest Managed Services (MS) Provider licensees under the MoF TOS 2012 Project.

MphasiS approached MAXIMUS to deploy state-of-the-art ATM monitoring suite with the necessary customization. MAXIMUS successfully customized and implemented its ATM monitoring suite comprising ATM Health & Supply Status Monitoring, Incident Management & Ticketing, EJ Pulling & Screen Distribution and Cash Forecasting solutions, at MphasiS’ primary data centre in Pune and disaster recovery centre in Bangalore.

The MAXIMUS monitoring solution has been integrated with all the EFT Switches used by the public sector banks such as Base24, Opus, IST, Euronet, Narada and Postilion. The scope of services includes real-time device health monitoring, real-time cash level and consumable status monitoring, automatic ticket creation, its despatch, escalation & closure, automated pulling of EJ and other media files, remote deployment of ATM screens and patches, remote command execution (batch and specific) and instantaneous information retrieval. The solution has also been interfaced with online/real-time alerting systems (SMS and Email) and with the portals of vendors for instant communication of issues and their resolution.

By leveraging on MAXIMUS technology once again, MphasiS undertook the MS responsibility for the White Labelled ATM (WLA) operator – BTI Payments. As part of its license, BTI Payments would be installing 9,000 ATMs out of which 3,500 have already been commissioned.

As on date, the MAXIMUS suite deployed at MphasiS, monitors and manages more than 12,000 ATMs under Brown Labelled and White Labelled categories across different states of India. On an average, 1.5 million messages are processed every day with the figure crossing 2.0 million messages on some days.