Secure Online Information Vault

MAXIMUS DEPENDATA is a next-generation solution for vaulting personal and organizational digital data in the most secure manner. This state-of-the-art application stores data of any type – text, audio, image and video – in an ‘electronic chest of drawers’ hosted on a cloud server and accessible to users, either individual or organizational in an easy-to-use fashion. Each category of data is stored in a separate drawer in an organized way facilitating access to a specific drawer or to the whole chest depending on preference. Identification documents, education certificates, financial details, medical & insurance records, property documents, legal papers, family records, photographs, audio & video and any other sensitive data files are first encrypted using a private key of the user and then saved on the server.

One of the unique features of DEPENDATA is the collaboration feature that is available whereby an individual can share property or legal documents with his/her lawyer, identity documents & education certificates with his/her college and photographs, audio & video files and family records with members of the family. The persons to whom the data is shared can make updates to the original content provided they are allowed to do so by the person sharing the information.

Apart from storing data, DEPENDATA has the following features: Manage Contacts, Calendars, Events and Alerts.

DEPENDATA is available as a web-based service.


  • Encryption Service – to encrypt all data
  • Authentication Manager – for multi-factor authentication
  • Disk Space Manager – to monitor disk usage
  • Profile Manager – for creating different profiles, establishing relationships among main user and secondary users
  • Document Manager – to upload documents, link them to profiles, create folders and associate meta-data to files uploaded
  • Contacts Manager – for adding, updating and viewing of contacts
  • Calendar Manager – to create and manage calendars
  • Events Manager – for adding/editing events and linking them with profiles for viewing
  • Alerts Manager – to set alerts via email, SMS and screen
  • Binder – for selecting information to be exported or printed
  • Subscription & Billing – to register and manage users