MONITORING helps banks and service providers to manage ATM networks for ensuring high uptimes. An ATM that is down represents customer inconvenience, besides loss of business for the bank. MAXIMUS monitoring suite M365 encompasses the entire ATM services workflow and has real-time interfaces with all stakeholders.


This sentinel keeps a close watch over the health of the ATMs, tracks their hardware components and cash levels and generates instantaneous alerts and user messages. ATHMA has been integrated with all popular Switches like Base24, Opus, IST, Euronet, Postilion, Narada and MAXIMUS ASTRA. Extensive reports and dashboards are part of this solution.

Network Operations Center - A network operations center or NOC also called a "network management center", is a locations from which network monitoring and control, or network management, is exercised over a network.

This tool helps log issues/calls, generate, dispatch & track tickets and escalate unresolved issues all the way up to their eventual closure. MANAGECALL is the perfect solution for any organization that needs to maintain very high level of service delivery to customers, as its design allows for easy changes in workflows, creation of knowledge database and providing business intelligence.


A centralized system for retrieval and management of EJ, image and other files residing on ATMs and remote deployment of ATM screens and software patches, INFOXCHANGE reduces overall ATM management costs. Remote reboot and restart are also possible with this industry-proven and OEM-certified tool.


With FORECASH, one can adopt a scientific approach to replenish cash at ATMs thereby reducing cash-outs and eliminating intuition-based replenishment. This tool helps to maintain the requisite cash level in the ATMs and optimizes the cash inventory.


The site monitoring system, OVERSITE, helps track the functioning of different elements in the ATM room, such as UPS, batteries, CCTV camera, DVR camera, air-conditioner, temperature, smoke, vibration and other significant assets in real time. Status alerts generated in the ATM room are communicated to the central monitoring system ensuring 24×7 surveillance, thereby improving the operational efficiency as well as security of the ATM room.

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Offering a complete automated system for cash and transaction reconciliation across delivery channels like ATM, POS and eCommerce, TRACE has a sophisticated algorithm enabling banks to track cash shortages and overages and settle mismatches. With its timely resolution of mismatches, disputes can be greatly minimized.