Biometric Salary Disbursement

The modern-day ATM was invented in1966. While that may seem like a long time ago, there is no disagreement about how indispensable they have become. For many individuals, ATMs are the key point of access to their bank and the principal means to obtain cash. Modern ATMs have many new capabilities but cash dispensing is still their core function.

MAXIMUS PAGAAR automates salary disbursement through ATMs using a private ATM network. This solution eliminates the hassle of maintaining, processing and disbursal of payroll to primarily unskilled and semi-skilled workforce who do not have access to banking facilities and channels. Inbuilt remittance makes the solution a turnkey system for payroll management.

PAGAAR consists of Worker Registration, Salary Disbursement Request, Worker Authentication, Cash Dispense and Salary Slip Generation modules.


  • Workforce receive salaries conveniently through ATMs
  • Withdrawals can be done 24×7
  • Reduction in payroll processing cost
  • Convenience of disbursing salaries electronically instead of cash or cheque
  • Secure method of disbursing salaries to workforce due to biometric authentication
  • Minimizes workload associated with payroll accounting
  • Better cash flow management