NPA Tracker

MAXIMUS TRACTION helps banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) and other financial institutions to monitor their NPA book more efficiently by capturing all actions taken and interactions carried out with defaulters in a systematic manner through mobile phones as well as web portals. This solution automates the complete workflow relating to recovery proceedings initiated against defaulters. TRACTION uses the defaulter list as generated by the Core Banking System (CBS) or other backend systems as its input.

As per RBI directives, banks and financial institutions are required to provide complete evidence of all efforts made to recover the outstanding amounts declared as NPAs. Adequate justification supported by data is necessary for restructuring of any NPA. In the case of a write-off, complete trail of actions taken towards recovery of loan along with the views of the auditors have to be available. As TRACTION records all these details, follow-up decisions on NPAs become very easy.

Key Features

Admin Module

  • Transfer of NPA accounts data from CBS and/or other system
  • User Management

Web Module

  • Dashboard with the summary information of NPA accounts
  • Daily status reports on NPA accounts
  • Allocation of NPA accounts to Field Staff
  • Allocation of NPA accounts to Branch/Cluster/Region/Zone
  • Appointments schedule for meeting defaulters
  • Updates of interactions with defaulters by field staff
  • Repository of all communication with defaulters – emails, letters, audio recordings, video recordings and image captures
  • Tagging of interactions carried out with defaulters

Mobile Module

  • NPA accounts allocation
  • NPA accounts bucketing
  • Details of securities
  • Details of guarantors
  • Capture of defaulter interactions
  • Capture of all forms of communication: Emails, letters, audio and video recordings, image capture, documents upload and text


  • Complete automation of workflow relating to follow-up actions on NPA accounts
  • Daily status report on follow-ups done by field staff
  • Data support for analysing customer behaviour
  • Real-time informative reports and dashboards
  • Improvement in efficiency of NPA recovery
  • Minimisation of loss