MAXIMUS enables businesses to scale up seamlessly and expand customer touchpoints by providing proven and flexible solutions that adopt industry best practices in the Transaction Management, Monitoring, Mobility and Payment domains. MAXIMUS solutions use current and evolving technologies to predict, process, monitor and manage transaction data to deliver measurable benefits and superior business intelligence to customers. SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd. (SVCL) is an equity investor in the company.

Starting its journey as an innovative products company in the transaction management domain, MAXIMUS has now evolved into a single-stop platform services provider catering to a wide gamut of banking and payment needs.

Its modular, robust, flexible and scalable Switching suite is PCI-DSS certified and supports RuPay as well as Visa and MasterCard domestic transactions. Complete lifecycle management of cards is part of this suite, which also includes other channel management solutions like Micro-ATM and Mobile Banking for last mile banking and the first-of-its-kind biometric salary disbursement system. MAXIMUS clientele for Switching suite includes a galaxy of banks; for instance, over 300 cooperative banks have placed their trust on the MAXIMUS platform that is offered from best-in-class data centres with full business continuity capabilities.

The Monitoring platform of MAXIMUS straddles the entire ATM managed services space – ATM Health Monitoring, Incident Management, EJ Pulling & Screen Distribution, Cash Forecasting, Site Monitoring and Transaction Reconciliation. Real-time tracking of issues, raising of alerts & extensive reports and dashboards make the complex task of ATM management easy. Over 14,000 ATMs spread across the length and breadth of India, generating more than 1.5 million messages daily, are managed comfortably at industry-leading service levels.

MAXIMUS Payments platform comprises Immediate Payment System, Instant Money Transfer, Unified Payment Interface, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System and other cutting-edge solutions. Funds transfer from one point to any other point becomes as simple as tapping one’s finger over a mobile or biometric device. For instance, the entire nation-wide funds remittance system in Nepal is powered by the MAXIMUS engine.

The Enterprise and Data Services suite complement and round off the MAXIMUS offerings. These solutions are designed to optimise organizational workflows and enhance operational efficiencies.

In short, through its comprehensive platforms, MAXIMUS delivers to its customers 360-degree, 24-hour, 365-day satisfaction.